Monday, 11 September 2017

Product Testing Sites

(11/09/2017) Although I am a competition addict, I am also using this blog to demonstrate how I save money on a small family budget. Today I have decided to register on two different product testing sites that were recommended on Money Saving Expert in order to receive some free products in return for my review of the item. The two sites I have registered with are Clicks Research and Bzzagent. In writing this blog I will be able to illustrate to my readers how many trials I will be offered and the sort of products that are on offer to test. Also I feel it would be awesome to be able to build up this blog with some product reviews so that companies can appreciate that I am adept at being able to test and critique all kinds of consumer goods.

I registered with Clicks Research this morning and I must say you might like to set some time aside if registering with this one, after you have entered your initial details there are A LOT of profiling questions to answer. I have just about managed to get through them all now. It is important to keep going back to these profile questions in order to keep them up to date so you receive more trials. Also keep your eye out for those all important emails they send when new products are ready for testing. For each market research survey you take part in you earn clicks points (usually around 25 - 200 click points per survey) and when you reach 2,500 you can exchange them for £25. If your survey doesn't meet the requirements of their clients you get entered into the monthly draw instead.

BzzAgent claims to be "the leading word of mouth company!" In return for free products you must start "natural, genuine conversations" with "real life" friends and online connections using social media platforms and/or your own blog. I must admit the concept looks quite fun. Once you have registered there are some campaign qualifier surveys which are nice and quick to answer so you should be able to make your way through these quite speedily. I am prepared to update this post with results of future trials so you will be able to see for yourself whether these companies are worth joining yourself so please keep your eyes on this post!

(12/09/2017) Today, I managed to find a banner advertisement for Pinecone research which allowed me to register and take a preliminary survey regarding my personal details. In order to sign up for Pinecone Research you have to be invited or find a banner on a website so it is more difficult to be accepted as a panel member for this market research company. I was a member of Pinecone Research many years ago and I remember that they used to send you lunch vouchers that you could use in the supermarkets in return for completing their surveys. Nowadays, it is a bit more up to date and you get paid around £3 for a 15-20 minute survey, which is very good. With this company you often get to test products that are not even out on the market yet so it is all very top-secret, so in this instance I will not be able to share any information on any products that Pinecone require me to evaluate. However, will let you know if I am accepted on the panel and give you an idea of the amount of surveys that I receive. 

(16/09/2016) I received a welcome email from Pinecone Research on the 14th September and received my very first survey with them on the 16th so everything happened quickly with this survey company. 300 points already banked for a survey which took around 20-25 minutes to complete and that is the equivalent of £3.


  1. i love this idea! i also take part in the ipsos i say ones and get £10 nearly every month!

    1. Thanks Charlotte, I think any extra income you can earn whilst sat at home is worth taking part in. I do the yougov surveys too but you have to build up 5000 points to get £50 which takes quite a while but the surveys are simple and easy to understand so don't mind taking part in them.

  2. im a member of pinecone research and a couple of others. great idea


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