Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Should I subscribe to a competition newsletter?

My hobby as a comper came about as a result of a leaflet that was pushed through my door eleven years ago that was promoting the competition listings magazine, Competitors Companion, now known as Compers News. I then signed up and must say that I really enjoyed receiving a physical magazine through the post that provided competition listings with a section that itemised purchase necessary prizes. Also included was guidance and advice on competition entry, kid's magazine giveaways and articles from members reporting their wins. Reading about the successes of the comping community, has always been something I take pleasure in, it gives me hope that those big wins may be just around the corner. It is also quite refreshing to put the laptop down for an hour or two whilst I read the newsletter and write out my postcards.

My subscription to my Competitiors Companion was cancelled when I needed to save money and it was only five months ago that I again subscribed to Compers News in order to find other postcard entry competitions. I was concerned that it would be a waste of money, considering that there are so many major competition websites available online, however, I was not disappointed with my subscription. Since becoming a Compers News member I have won a prize listed for an ipad mini and £500 worth of PJ Masks toys. Furthermore, I was also the lucky £200 winner in Compers News 2017 exclusive competition called Prizes...Then & Now, which requires entrants to re-imagine the weird and wonderful images from the compers news archive in their very own photos.

Here is my re-imagination of image ten:

Overall, therefore, I am really pleased with my subscription so far. The only downside to this is finding, the time to enter competitions in both from the magazine online, get on with blogging and bring up a baby. With that said, I'm off to change a nappy!


  1. I too used to subscribe to Competitors Companion many years ago now and it was worth the money simply for the excitement it generated when I fantasized about all the things I could win.

    1. I agree Sheena, it is really great to see people writing in who have won these big prizes, keeps me comping!


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