Thursday, 31 August 2017

How many do you enter?

It is now the last day in August, as any comper knows there are so many giveaways ending today. I have logged into Loquax to see that their are fifteen pages of competitions that are ending today. Usually, I always enter from the closing soon section but it can be bewildering that there are so many to get through. I have previously read articles in a newspaper with a mum claiming to enter 400 competitions a day!?! Really 400 !?! Is that even possible? I really love my hobby but I do have a life outside of it. There is always washing to do, a baby to feed, change and bath, hoovering, cooking, cleaning, bottles of formula milk to be made up, all that sort of boring everyday but necessary stuff. I would love to hear from other compers on this topic. How many competitions do you enter a day? Do you enter the closing soon competitions, or from the new competitions section? Maybe you enter your competitions from particular prize categories, either way, would be nice to hear from you all. A good comping day for me would probably be 50 entries (more, obviously, if there is a lot of quick twitter RT and follow giveaways!). I enter between 1000-1500 a month.

Today, I didn't feel like it, entered about 15 and decided to enter another creative photo competition that features in Compers News. I was a winner in the August edition as you can see from my previous post and not sure whether I will be able to win again but the terms and conditions do state that there are no limitations to the amount of prizes you can win and that you can enter once for each image. I was going to share my efforts here with you today but still haven't quite finished so will share with you here tomorrow. Here is the image I am attempting to re-create.

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